Ex Amore Guadium

This could get sappy: Usually every day I wake up I'm convinced it's Saturday and naturally I wonder why I set my alarm so absurdly early. I also wonder, sometimes, where I am, and I also wonder, all the times, what in heaven's name do those birds have to fret about so early in the morning. My thought process then turns to the homework that had a target due date of yesterday, yet to be completed, and I strain to grasp onto any shred of light seeping through while I slowly come to realize that the snooze button is not my friend on this day. I do find a shred of light, I always have, but lately, since spring, this shred of light is more of a warm ray of sun coming through the window on a crisp day while I lay on the carpet with a book and follow the light around the room finding balance with slumber. I remember that I am in love. And that makes it ok that even though I'm quite certain it's been seven days since the last Saturday it can be Monday, and the homework shmomework assignment will be completed eventually, and those birds can just carry on their merry way because when my whole life is consumed in a dreamland I have little thought to spare the unfortunate circumstance and taint la vie en rose.

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  1. This was a bit nauseating...except that I'm the same way, lol! I'm glad you are so happy!